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Artist Egbert Marday (Mahé, Seychelles)




The interaction of people in a group especially in the daily life of Seychelles, street scenes, music and dance groups seems to evoke expressions or feelings that inspire.

“I paint their souls, their joys, pains, toils and hope”.

I like the tradition of blues music or our local “sega- moutya” where a not-so-pleasant situation, through its quality of sounds and humor, it can bring back a sense of hope or redemption. As in music the expressions take both figurative and abstract forms.


Painter/sculptor working mainly in mixed media-acrylic, collage, oil, pastel, wood, metal, paper maché,  p.o.p, resin etc.

On the more commercial side, a landscape artist constructing artificial rocks and water features and other concrete ornaments.


Egbert Marday’s work is mostinteresting when he works from the descriptive to the more expressive. This is evident in the vivid colour tones.

Furthermore his artwork as a sculptor has an effect of plasticity in his paintings.

His work also displays elements of the “Seychellitude” if you will without being intrusively clichéd

                                                                        Mahe, March 3rd  2009

Dr. Giovana Gould

Academy of Fine Arts

Florence, Italy




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